Video: Romney ‘won’t dignify’ Trump’s conspiracy theory tweet about Buffalo protester

20200609 Romney CNN

Sen. Mitt Romney said Tuesday he would not respond to President Trump tweeting out a conspiracy theory about a Buffalo man injured by police.

President Trump posted on Twitter that he believed a 75-year-old man who had been hospitalized after he was pushed by two police officers at a protest might be an “ANTIFA provocateur” who was “scanning” police equipment before he was pushed.

Romney was asked about Trump’s tweet on Tuesday and offered up a terse response. 

“I saw the tweet. It was a shocking thing to say. I won’t dignify it with any further comment,” said Romney.

NBC News reported that Trump’s claims may have come from an anonymous conservative blog that frequently posts conspiracy theories without evidence. The conspiracy theory was forwarded by far-right news channel One America News Network.

Watch the clip below via CNN.