Chaffetz: White House Spin on Benghazi ‘Laughable’

Rep. Jason Chaffetz slams Jay Carney’s explanation for a newly-released email showing the White House’s efforts to blame the Benghazi terror attack on a protest that never happened. 

Reports USA Today:

Chaffetz told USA TODAY that the White House has turned over e-mails with much of the content blocked out.

“There were other e-mails that went to Susan Rice. We got them with heavy redactions,” Chaffetz told USA TODAY. “The White House needs to come clean on what they said.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday that Rhodes’ e-mail had been misconstrued because it was referring to protests happening across the Muslim world at the time.

“The e-mail and the talking points were not about Benghazi. They were about the general situation in the Muslim world,” Carney said.

But the White House had provided the emails to House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform based on a request for communications on Benghazi. And portions on Rhodes’ email that were blocked out pertained to Benghazi.

The emails came to light only after a watchdog group sued for the unblocked emails under a Freedom of Information Request.

Carney’s claim is “laughable,” Chaffetz said. “Susan Rice was asked about Benghazi and she repeated exactly what Ben Rhodes wanted her to say.”