National Headlines 5-1-14

When Common Core becomes a punch line (Politico)

White House takes heat from Republicans on Benghazi (The Hill)

Pelosi: 2014 midterms won’t be about me (The Hill)

Bush 43: ‘I hope Jeb runs’ (The Hill)

Got the urge to leave your state? You must be from Illinois. (Christian Science Monitor)

General: poor response time in Benghazi attack (USA Today)

Gonzalez: City school budget agreement could set pattern for city worker contract talks (New York Daily News)

‘Stand your ground’ laws get major test in recent shootings (Associated Press)

Supporters say Keystone bill short of 60 votes (Associated Press)

NJ credit rating drops as Christie looks to close $807M budget gap (Associated Press)

Applications for unemployment benefits rise 14K (Associated Press)