Romney calls ouster of New York federal prosecutor ‘pretty swampy’

Mitt Romney 10

Sen. Mitt Romney called the weekend firing of the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan “pretty swampy” on Monday.

On Friday night, Attorney General William Barr announced that U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman was stepping down from his leading the Southern District of New York. Berman later said he was not stepping down, and only learned about his resignation through media reports. The impasse continued through Saturday when Barr said President Trump had agreed to fire him.

Questions quickly arose about Berman’s exit as his office was handling several high-profile investigations into Trump and his allies.

Politico reports that most Republicans in the Senate defended the chaotic ouster of Berman, deferring to Trump’s judgment in the matter.

But, when asked about the situation, Romney said the firing “sounds pretty swampy,” according to the publication.

“I certainly hope that any investigations that were being pursued — particularly those that would relate to the president, or donors, or friends — would continue to be pursued,” Romney said.

Romney’s office would not comment further on the senator’s statement.

Romney was the only Republican in the Senate who voted to remove Trump from office during his impeachment trial.