Public Health and Economic Emergency Commission emphasizes the importance of wearing masks

On June 25, the Public Health and Economic Emergency Commission unanimously recommended the governor designate a portion of the $1 million for the COVID-19 Outreach and Education Program to directly emphasize the importance of wearing a mask. The Utah Legislature allocated these funds to the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development during the June 2020 special session.

The Commission fully supports the governor’s encouragement for all Utahns to do their part and emphasizes the need to wear a mask in public during this health crisis.

“I encourage Utahns to wear masks to help protect neighbors, friends, families and communities,” said Sen. Dan Hemmert, co-chair of the Commission. “Wearing a mask is a simple act to protect vulnerable populations and livelihoods. If wearing a mask means we can continue to lighten other restrictions we’re living under, economic and otherwise, and it means our kids can go back to school this fall, I’m happy to wear a mask.”

“Studies indicate that wearing a mask significantly decreases an individual’s likelihood of getting COVID-19,” said Jefferson Burton, co-chair of the Commission. “This simple act can help Utah stay safe and stay open.”

Furthermore, state leaders, health officials and economic advisors are continually working to obtain additional COVID-19 data. The Commission unanimously voted to make the additional data public and send notifications when information is updated.