Utah Industry Resource Alliance (UIRA) provides support & resources for Utah manufacturers

The Utah Industry Resource Alliance (UIRA) has announced its official launch. UIRA provides all Utah manufacturers with a one-stop source for expert resources to help them improve their bottom lines. UIRA delivers service and outreach to the manufacturing industry in the form of industry-specific training, mentoring and coaching, and becomes a trusted business advisor to its clients. 

The manufacturing industry is critical to Utah’s economy. UIRA is an economic development organization, chartered specifically to help Utah manufacturers. The Alliance pools the expertise of the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP), Utah State University’s (USU) Manufacturing Extension Service and their Manufacturing and Outdoor Products SUPPORT HUB, iMpact Utah, Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA), World Trade Center Utah (WTC Utah) and the Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI). This powerful team provides access to manufacturing specialists, application engineers and research professionals from the top organizations and universities in the state. 

UIRA delivers industry-centric resources such as process improvement and operational efficiencies, supply chain optimization, revenue growth, leadership development, quality systems and certifications. Available programs include cyber security, organizational excellence, continuous improvement, sustainable practices, technology acceleration, international business development, workforce development, supplier development and topline and bottom-line growth resources, among others. As part of the national Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), UIRA leverages federal and state resources to support manufacturers even further. 

The Alliance is especially critical to the manufacturing industry as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Many manufacturers are seeking out methods to streamline and improve their processes as they face increasing demands. 

“Manufacturing is a vital part of the state’s economy,” said Stephen Reed, director of USU’s Utah Manufacturing Extension Service. “It is essential that manufacturers have access to every tool they need to succeed, grow and thrive. Utah Industry Resource Alliance was founded to provide a unified resource for these tools.” 

UIRA serves all 29 Utah counties, ensuring manufacturers throughout the state of Utah are supported. Many of their programs can be accessed online, and 29 locations are available state-wide. 

For more information about UIRA, visit https://utahira.org/, call (801) 587-0713, or email [email protected]