Lee rips ‘woke orthodoxy’ and ‘cancel culture’

20200707 Lee Fox

Sen. Mike Lee condemned “woke orthodoxy” that he said is fueling mass protests and “cancel culture” in the U.S., blaming them on liberal politicians and discrimination against conservative viewpoints at American colleges and universities. 

Lee appeared on Fox News Monday evening to discuss his proposed nonbinding resolution condemning “mob violence” that erupted in several cities during the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests. Lee suggested that some of that violence was due to liberal local officeholders coddling or enabling that violence.

“Look at those cities behind the violence like Seattle and Minneapolis. You’ve seen the violence go up in those towns rather than go down. Part of its objective seems to be to delegitimize anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the woke orthodoxy of this country. They’ve been hating America on America’s dime, and it’s time to cut their allowance,” he said during an appearance on Fox News. 

After Lee’s proposed resolution was blocked in the Senate, he accused Democrats of being on the side of protesters who he described as “dimwitted, phony drama addicts.”

On Fox News, Lee also laid a good portion of the blame on the heads of colleges and universities who discriminate against conservative viewpoints.

“What you see today in American colleges and universities, using federal taxpayer money and hard-earned money paid in the form of tuition to these colleges and universities. You see people systematically discriminating against conservative viewpoints, against religious viewpoints, any viewpoint that doesn’t toe the line of the orthodoxy they have been nurturing for decades and been presenting as irrefutable and non-debatable,” said Lee.

Watch the clip below via Fox News: