The future of the Jordan River Parkway is in Utahns’ hands

For every walker, runner, cyclist, boater, fisher, picnicker, resident and visitor who enjoys the Jordan River Parkway, and even those who have never visited the area, your voice is needed. 

The Jordan River Commission, an organization working on the long-term improvement of the Jordan River Parkway, is asking all users to participate in a survey to ensure the public’s voice is incorporated in the vision that will guide its work for the next decade.

“The Jordan River Parkway is a gem in our region. It is being used more than ever, and the momentum is growing to protect, conserve and improve this natural resource. What the Jordan River Parkway will be in the future needs critical input from the community, which is why we need everyone’s voice,” says Soren Simonsen, Executive Director of the Jordan River Commission.  “This vision should capture the collective imagination of our community and build an appreciation for the important role the Parkway plays in our shared stewardship and prosperity.” 

The original Blueprint Jordan River was completed in 2008, with more than 3,000 participants sharing their voice.  It led to the formation of the Jordan River Commission, completion of Jordan River Parkway Trail from Saratoga Springs to North Salt Lake, and progress toward the establishment of a 50-mile linear nature preserve, among other improvements. Residents can share their voice to shape the Jordan River Parkway for the next generation through Blueprint Jordan River 2020 survey.  Through the survey, available in English and Spanish, the Commission hopes to capture the collective ideas and aspirations to help strategically guide its efforts, and further improve this natural resource for the million-plus people who live along its length and within the river’s watershed.

To take the Blueprint Jordan River survey, go to