Bernick and Schott on politics podcast: ‘Hide and seek with Spencer Cox’

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Managing Editor Bryan Schott and Contributing Editor Bob Bernick discuss the latest Utah political news with less than 100 days to the November election.

The local media got wound up that Spencer Cox has essentially disappeared after winning the GOP nomination. We explain why all that hand-wringing is a bit overwrought, and why we shouldn’t expect to hear from Cox anytime soon.

Gov. Gary Herbert hosts a party but doesn’t require masks.

Donald Trump, Jr. comes to Utah to campaign and fundraises for Burgess Owens. Will that make a difference in November?

The Florida GOP convention is canceled, leaving dozens of Utah Republicans who were set to be delegates to the event out in the cold.

Mitt Romney is playing a big part in the next coronavirus stimulus bill.

Donald Trump doesn’t understand Twitter’s trending topics.

Plus, let’s freak out about UFOs!


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