Former Rep. Mia Love calls President Trump’s suggestion to delay the election ‘insane’

20200802 Love CNN

Former Utah Republican congresswoman Mia Love said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s suggestion to postpone the November election was “insane.”

Love, now a CNN commentator, was asked by host John King if she was one of the Republicans who thought the president was “joking” when he suggested the election be delayed, or if she thought he was trying to undermine the election because he is in danger of losing. 

“Delaying the election is just insane,” she said. “Power doesn’t lie with him, it lies with Congress and the states.”

“This is not Haiti. This is not some third-world country that can’t get their elections in order,” she continued. “To delay an election and to actually go out and say it is going to be fraudulent, it is not going to work. I think the president should really work on just getting the economy back in order.”

President Trump has repeatedly suggested vote-by-mail would be fraudulent, even though he and many members of his administration have voted by mail for years. Recently, President Trump would not say whether he would accept the result of the election if he loses in November. 

Several prominent Republicans have dismissed Trump’s idea to delay the election.

Love scolded Trump for heaping doubt on the election results instead of focusing on his job ahead of November. 

“Do the job you’re supposed to do, don’t worry about the election,” she said.

Watch the clip below via CNN: