Cox pushes back against Trump’s attacks on mail-in voting

20200803 Cox PBS

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox said Monday he’s worried President Trump’s constant attacks on mail-in voting will make voters question the election results. 

“I have a concern that anything that would call into doubt after an election happens, the validity of that election,” said Cox on PBS Newshour. “My hope is that people have a trust in their local government to run these elections correctly. We take pride as election officials in making sure we do it the right way.”

Utah is one of five states that has implemented vote by mail. 

President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that allowing vote by mail would lead to rampant election fraud, but studies show that voter fraud in America is exceedingly rare. Trump and members of his administration have voted by mail for years. 

On Monday Trump vowed a lawsuit to block Nevada from issuing mail-in ballots to all voters this year after the legislature there approved the plan.

Cox said Utah has taken extraordinary steps to protect the state’s elections from fraud.

“We actually review every signature. We have people that all they did is review signatures, compare signatures to the signatures we have on file. We routinely audit those procedures to make sure there is no voter fraud,” he said.

Cox said Utah has seen increased voter turnout because of vote by mail. Turnout for the just-completed 2020 primary election was nearly double turnout from the 2016 primary election.

Watch the clip below via PBS.