Stewart Says Government ‘Paramilitary Units’ Create Distrust (Video)

Rep. Chris Stewart is getting some national attention for his crusade against “paramilitary units” owned by federal agencies.

Stewart was a guest on Fox Business Channel, where he discussed his efforts to defund these units as a first step to stopping them.

“It appears that nearly every major government agency has these,” says Stewart. “They don’t call them that, but they are essentially paramilitary units. These are regulatory agencies, not law enforcement agencies. Can you think of a regulatory issue that is so urgent that you need a SWAT team to go in there immediately?”

Stewart says the fact that these units exist do nothing more than create distrust of the government.

“A lot of times we think about what happened in Nevada, that caught our attention. But there are many other examples. In California a few years ago, the Department of Education rammed down a guys door and handcuffed him over a financial aid issue. There’s examples of the Food and Drug Administration going onto a small family farm in Pennsylvania. His crime was shipping small amounts of unpasteurized milk to women in Washington, D.C. When the American people hear these kinds of things, it creates so much distrust between the people and the federal government, and it’s extraordinarily unhelpful.”

Here’s the video: