GOP congressional candidate Burgess Owens says he sees the ‘handprint of the radical left’ on the decision to cancel college football

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4th District Republican congressional candidate Burgess Owens is blaming Democrats for the cancellation of the college football season this fall, saying they are more concerned about “keeping chaos in the picture” than letting America return to a sense of normalcy.

Owens appeared on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News Channel program on Monday night, where he suggested the political left wants to keep America in a state of panic because they see a political advantage from canceling football and keeping people from attending church.

“We love normalcy. We love to be predictable and dream and pursue our dreams. What the radical left loves is chaos. They are doing everything they can, whether it be church and schools. Right now, football. These young men want to go out and play,” he said. “The left is so concerned about keeping chaos in the process, they don’t mind who suffers in the process.

Several college football conferences have already canceled their fall seasons because of the coronavirus pandemic, and it is expected that the entire season will be canceled within the next few days for most conferences. 

President Donald Trump expressed his displeasure with the wave of cancelations on Monday, tweeting his support for several top college football players who have publicly said they would like to play the season this fall. 

Owens argued that college football players are the group “least at risk” from the coronavirus, and players who are worried about their personal health should be allowed to opt-out of the season without losing eligibility. However, an emergency physician told Forbes on Monday that statement is not necessarily true as football players would be in close contact on the field, which increases the spread of the virus. 

Owens further said a return to football would bring a sense of comfort to the country after months of the coronavirus pandemic, and he says the political left will do whatever they can to prevent that.

“Look around. You see everywhere there is no predictability, no law and order, you see the handprint of the radical left. Let the fans enjoy our games without bringing politics into the future and move this thing forward,” said Owens. 

Owens is the Republican nominee in the 4th Congressional District against Democrat Ben McAdams.

Watch the clip via Fox News Channel.