Situational awareness – August 24, 2020

Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City


31 days to the 1st Congressional District debate (9/24/2020)

36 days to the Utah gubernatorial debate (9/28/2020)

44 days to the Vice Presidential debate at the University of Utah (10/07/2020)

49 days to the 4th Congressional District debate (10/12/2020)

52 days to the 3rd Congressional District debate (10/15/2020)

56 days to the 2nd Congressional District debate (10/19/2020)

58 days to the Utah Attorney General debate (10/21/2020)

71 days to the 2020 election (11/3/2020)

149 days to inauguration day (01/20/2021)

154 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/25/2021)

Here are the stories you need to pay attention to this morning:

  • The Republican National Convention kicks off Monday. 
  • The Utah AG’s office abruptly pulled the plug on a planned event because one of the groups involved had ties to QAnon.
  • Burgess Owens helped raise money for Steve Bannon’s allegedly fraudulent effort to privately fund the border wall.


Apparently, this week’s question was a bit obscure. Nobody knew the three Tooele County Commissioners who created a Hazardous Industries District in the West Desert in 1988 to regulate the hazardous waste disposal industry. 

For the record, they were Kelly Gubler, Bill Pitt and Leland Hogan.

Better luck next time.

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