Registration renewal reminder postcards ending

The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles announced in July that the usual postcard registration reminder was being discontinued.

“As use of online renewal and other online options continues to grow, old processes need to be reviewed,” commented Division Director Monte Roberts.  Some long time processes are costly and ineffective.  Each month hundreds of thousands of postcards are sent reminding vehicle and watercraft owners to renew their registration.  Boxes of these postcards are returned as undeliverable and are destroyed.  In efforts to utilize taxpayer money more effectively and continue moving to online services, the mailing of renewal reminder postcards is being discontinued as of September 2020.

Renewal reminders will continue to be available by simply signing up for an email reminder.  Email reminders are efficient, cost effective and avoid the waste of mailed postcards. “If you have not already signed up for an email reminder for your registration renewal, it is quick and easy. Just go to”, Roberts concluded.

The Division of Motor Vehicles encourages all vehicle and watercraft registration renewals be completed online, skipping the trip to the DMV.  Renewing a registration is quick and easy online at  This is an easy, fast way to complete registration renewals from home.   A second option to avoid a trip to the DMV is renewing your registration at an On The Spot inspection station.  A station near you can be located by going to

DMV office access and services will vary depending on office location and staffing available.  For up-to-date information regarding your local DMV office status, please visit our website:  DMV.UTAH.GOV