Sticky & Strong: Winning campaign strategies with William Nixon

The Salt Lake Chamber is sponsoring a marketing seminar featuring long-time political and communications professional William Nixon on Sept. 18, 8-10 a.m.

“Whether you’re selling politicians or potatoes, every successful campaign needs the same proven marketing principles to win. In this Professional Development Series seminar, attendees will not only examine each of those principles in detail but offer real-world application in a workshop setting.”

By the end of a fun and rewarding two-hour program, you will know how to:

  *   Build a Message and Campaign/Marketing Plan
  *   Master the Appropriate Media: Social, Television, Radio, Print and Direct Mail
  *   Create and Manage a Budget
  *   Conduct Accurate Research
  *   Effectively Persuade and Mobilize your Target Group
  *   Work Constructively and Cost-Effectively with Consultants
  *   Evolve and Navigate the Unexpected

Register HERE.