A new go-to for cleaning up Utah’s air: YourAirYourUtah.org

Clean air consistently ranks as one of the top concerns Utahns have when considering the future. That’s why Envision Utah created YourAirYourUtah.org – a website designed to help Utahns better understand the complexities of Utah’s air quality by outlining key strategies for residents, businesses, and government to reduce emissions in a meaningful way.

We’ve worked with experts across the state to create this tool which not only offers strategies to reduce emissions, but also provides information about how much of a difference individual choices are making and connects people with resources such as grants and rebates.

The good news: many of these strategies are already in play and working. Did you know that Utah’s air is cleaner today than it was a decade ago? For the first decade of the 2000s, Salt Lake and Utah Counties saw an average of 19 days each year that we’d consider bad-air days. But in the most recent decade, from 2010 to 2019, that number dropped to 11.

From our daily choices to long-term purchases, there’s still significant work to be done to ensure our air quality keeps getting better, especially with our growing population. Visit YourAirYourUtah.org to learn more about what we can do as businesses, local governments, and individuals/families to clean up our air and keep Utah a great place to call home-now and in the future.