Envision Utah makes progress on key initiatives

Your Air, Your Future. The Your Air, Your Future website has gone live. The site contains, all in one place, a set of actions that individuals, businesses, governments, and other organizations can take to reduce emissions, as well as links to additional information, rebates, and grants. Please study it, take any actions that make sense within your realm of influence, and share it broadly. See also Salt Lake Tribune story about it this morning.

Valley Visioning. The vision for Utah County is scheduled to be released on October 21 with the Governor speaking at the release event. We’ll provide more details as the date approaches so that you can attend if you’re interested. For the last several months, we’ve been meeting with staff from the various cities and presenting to city councils about the vision. We’ve found that, as the county doubles in population, Utah County residents want to:

  *   Provide convenient transportation choices;
  *   Support housing options;
  *   Provide open space & recreation opportunities;
  *   Support local agriculture;
  *   Manage water wisely;
  *   Foster a well-educated population; and
  *   Ensure clean air.

Blueprint Jordan River. We recently closed the Blueprint Jordan River survey after receiving over 7,800 responses. You can find the full results here. In summary, what we heard is that Utahns’ top priorities are to significantly improve the habitat and water quality, better maintain the parkway, and ensure safety.