National Headlines 5-11-14

Syria crisis: Iran and Assad have won, say top Tehran foreign policy figures (Guardian)

Rand Paul: GOP shouldn’t go ‘crazy’ on voter ID (Politico)

Geithner by Geithner (Politico)

Benghazi focus meant to drive GOP turnout? (The Hill)

Gowdy hits Dems on ‘selective amnesia’ (The Hill)

Is Monica a problem for Clinton? (The Hill)

Cantor fears Obama’s ‘pivot’ to Asia sends the wrong signal (The Hill)

Former Defense Sec. Gates defends Veteran Affairs Sec. Shinseki (FOX News)

Rogers cites ‘leadership failure’ at Secret Service after Washington Post report (Washington Post)

Hillary Clinton Writes of Motherhood, Becoming a Grandma (People Magazine)

US Job Openings Slip in March After Strong Gain (ABC News)