National Headlines 5-12-14

John Boehner can’t promise another 2 years as speaker (Politico)

When will Boehner turn to immigration? (The Hill)

Boehner: Dem boycott won’t impede (The Hill)

GOP Senate candidates stumble on minimum wage hike (The Hill)

For Democrats, Midterm Peril Lies in the Public’s Mood (Wall Street Journal)

Boehner Says He’s Nudged Jeb Bush on Presidency (ABC News)

Justices’ jabs reveal ideological, partisan splits (USA Today)

White House, Democrats calibrate how best to play Benghazi probe (Reuters)

Poll: McConnell Up Big Over Bevin, in Dead Heat with Grimes (WKU)

Glenn Greenwald trashes Hillary Clinton as too hawkish (Politico)

Virginia First To Release Post-Obamacare Premium Proposals: Rate Hikes For All (Daily Caller)