Webb’s Wrap: Country will survive, no matter what happens on election day . . . Reader says I’m naive

I know it’s hard to believe for some folks, but no matter who wins on election day, the world won’t end. That’s right. The country’s going to be OK. If Biden wins, we’ll be fine. If Trump wins, we’ll be fine.

One outcome might certainly be less fine than the other, but neither outcome will be a death knell. The coronavirus will eventually be tamed. The economy will strengthen. Babies will be born. Life will go on.

And if Biden wins, there will be an orderly transfer of power. Trump will concede and go back to his business empire. If Trump wins, Biden will concede, contrary to Hillary Clinton’s advice.

Further, if Biden wins, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t quickly move the country into socialism, although they will certainly try to exert influence. And if Trump wins, he won’t become a totalitarian monster, won’t plunge the country into war or depression.

I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses. The election might be ugly, and we might not know the outcome immediately. Both sides have platoons of lawyers ready to pounce, and there could be challenges and litigation.

But we’ll get through it. The nation’s constitutional foundation is strong. The checks and balances built into the Constitution by far-sighted founders are in force. There are too many people of common sense and goodwill for the country to go far off its moorings.

Politics tends to be self-correcting over time. When Obama went too far left with Obamacare and other issues, he lost the House and Senate in mid-term elections. The more extreme elements of Trump’s agenda have been thwarted by a Democratic House.

Personally, I hope the country moves forward in a conservative direction. But not a fringe right-wing direction. I believe that mainstream conservative principles and culture lead to maximum freedom and economic opportunity. It’s also the best way to finally defeat generational poverty and help all families and individuals succeed. It’s the best way to eliminate racism and ensure social justice for all.

But even if my favored candidates don’t win, I don’t believe the country is headed straight to hell in a handbasket.

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Reader Response. I’ve disappointed one reader, and probably many more. I don’t have permission to use his name, but here’s his message:

“I have been a fan of Utah policy for years but your naive attitude towards trump bothers me.  You push aside what trump has been doing to our government. The justice department is now helping trump with past/private law suits. Barr is just another pawn for trump to move around.  He is a friend to the dictators of the world and does not respect the constitution, I can go on and on.  His presidency is looking more and more like what Mussolini and Hitler did to Europe with fear, half truths, complete lies and racism.  You may shrug this off but he gets a second term the lawlessness and hate will escalate much further.

“As a life long conservative and republican I can not support the republican party.  They have gone way to far right for me.  Trump stands against everything I learned in church and about Jesus Christ.  He is promoting just what has happened through out history, including that which is in the Book of Mormon.  Our country/constitution and balance of power are at stake in this election.

“Why do Christians and members of the LDS church support such a person as trump even though he misrepresents everything Christ was about?  Is it the prosperity that attracts them to him? The economic rebound he inherited had little to do with him.

“As far as Owens goes, anyone who has declared bankruptcy multiple times in multiple state should never be in the congress of the United States.  How irresponsible does a person have to be to leave hard working people and small companies to pay for his irresponsible behavior???

“Trump supporters have lost their moral way. Remember trump will do ANYTHING to win, lie cheat, destroy what ever it takes to gain power.

“Utah Policy is no longer balanced.”

Parting shot. When you feel yourself getting uptight over politics, a little too obsessed and stressed, do something physical. Play sports, go for a walk, build something with your hands, work in the garden. Turn off the news media and read a novel or watch a movie. Shut out politics for a day or two. You won’t miss anything.

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