Local Headlines 5-13-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: ATV riders do damage to a bad cause

352 new laws take effect in Utah Tuesday

Utah didn’t mean to, but complies with REAL ID Act

Utah’s roads are big enough for cars and bikes, leaders say

Audience will determine who wins Utah public lands debate

Turning over a new leaf — Utah adopts the aspen as its state tree

Deseret News

Robert Bennett: Jobs and climate — Painting a complete picture

Editorial: The debate over the legality of requiring same-sex marriage has only just begun

Fight over Count My Vote may not be over yet

BLM’s Moab leasing plan to debut

Homelessness down 10% in Utah from previous year

Ranking Utah’s counties by population — and by which stadium they’d fit in


Editorial: Utah’s cattle graze (Standard-Examiner)

Dark side of school immersion programs (Standard-Examiner)

New Utah teachers ‘on the bubble’ (Standard-Examiner)

New law raises penalty for manual use of phone while driving (Logan Herald Journal)