Better Utah urges Utahns to vote

Pumpkins are out, leaves are falling, the evenings are cooler. This can only mean one thing: it’s voting season! I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake-you know how important this election is. But as ballots go out, a couple things to remember:

  1.  Check your voter registration now. We’ve heard reports of some people being moved to “inactive” on the voter rolls without their knowledge. Check today to make sure you’re set to vote.
  2.  Vote early. Between the USPS shenanigans and likely attempts to cast doubt on the election results, the earlier you return your ballot, the better. We’re asking everyone who plans to return their ballot via mail to do so by October 20th. After October 20th, use a drop box to return it. You can learn more details about voting by mail and voting in person HERE.

  3.  Fill out your entire ballot. The ballot this year is very long, and while it’s certainly a lot to think about, all the issues are very important! At the end of your ballot will be seven constitutional amendments for you to consider. Later in the email I’ll include some tools you can use to help make your voting as easy as possible.

  4.  Track your ballot online. After you return your ballot, be sure to regularly check to track the status of your ballot. You’ll see when your ballot has been received and counted.

  5.  Share that your vote has been counted! When your ballot reflects as “counted” online, celebrate on your social media and tell your friends that your vote has been counted in this crucial election year. Then make sure your network knows they can track their ballot online, too!

If you’re like me and worry a lot about making the right choice when it comes to voting, but also struggle to find the time to make informed decisions, we’ve got a couple tools that might help you out:

  *   Progress Report
  *   We’ve scored every state lawmaker on their votes for the past two years. Check your lawmakers’ grades before you vote.
  *   Voter guide
  *   Everything you need to know about voting in one place.
  *   Ballot guide
  *   Learn what the seven constitutional amendments mean!
  *   Coming soon: Constitutional amendment cheat sheet
  *   Soon we’ll be sending out our organizational stance on each of the seven constitutional amendments! Stay tuned.