Policymaker Profile: Getting to know Carl Albrecht

(Note: Utah Policy regularly profiles policymakers from across the state. In this edition we profile Utah State Rep. Albrecht, Republican, District 70.)

Occupation: Retired electric utility executive.

Education: B.S. Degree.

Growing up: Bicknell in Wayne County, 350 population. Parents were business people: motels, restaurants, sawmill, uranium mine development, postmaster. Loved to hunt and fish on the Boulder Mountains. Enjoyed basketball, baseball and track in high school, and chasing girls.
Fond memory: Sad, but fond — working with a lady in my parent’s restaurant one night when the military honor guard arrived looking for her. Her son had been killed in Vietnam.

Childhood ambition: To be a successful businessman, find a great wife, and raise a wonderful family.

Family: Three brothers and one sister. I’m the baby. My personal family: I have a son and two daughters — all married. Also, nine wonderful grandkids and a beautiful wife of 44 years.

Why politics: Had plenty of experience working with a Board for 40 years; however, people asked me to run and I thought I could make a difference for rural Utah.

My perfect day: Watching my grandkids play sports, fishing, hunting, or four-wheeling.

Hobbies: Enjoy yard work and gardening, sports, hunting and fishing.

First job: Picking up potatoes for 6 cents per sack.

Current motivations: To make rural Utah a better place to live and raise a family by improving the economy, so that our finest export is not our children.

Lesson taught me by my mother: Always work harder than the rest and you will always have a job and will be able to move up the ladder.

Hottest issues I’m watching: Currently, the national elections.

Biggest challenge in public life: Time to attend everyone’s meetings. Educating urban legislators about rural issues and the differences.

Biggest accomplishments: Marrying my wife. Purchasing  a couple of municipal power systems when I was CEO.

Alarm clock: None. I’ll wake up. I Don’t use one.

Proudest moments: Legislator of the year. First child. First grandchild.

My philosophy of government: Smaller is better.

Why my political party: The platform fits my beliefs.

Playlist: Any country music except modern country music.

Personal motto: Get up, show up, and work hard.

Most embarrassing moment: Water skied the canal the wrong direction.

Inspiration: Losing three great friends. Two to cancer, and one to suicide. They inspired me to live better.

Retreat: Somewhere in the mountains with all my family.

Favorite book: Lone Survivor.

Favorite web site: Local mortuaries.

Indulgence, guilty pleasure: Dr. Pepper and chocolate.

Mentor: My parents.

I admire most in the world: Pres. Russell M. Nelson.

A small insight into my psyche: Good food, good music, and dancing.

My farewell message to the world: I’ll see you all again!!

My district is cool because: Of all the parks, monuments and state parks, National forests, and Recreational opportunities.

I like serving in the Legislature because: I can make a difference in people’s lives in rural Utah and associate with mostly good people trying to do right for the state.

Running for political office is: Hard but rewarding and an opportunity to meet some great people.

Historical figure I’d like to take to lunch: My dad. I’ve got some real interesting questions I’d like to ask him.

Sports team:Dodgers and Mountain Crest baseball.

Favorite pet: My kids dogs.

I always laugh at: My grandkids.

My desk is: Is always neat except at home.

Biggest issues ahead in 2021 session: Hopefully refilling budget cuts from COVID and funding education more than ever   Also funding rural programs.

My priorities for 2021 session: Natural Resource issues to Elections reform, to Energy security, to Rural jobs bills.

Anything else you’d like to share: Life is good.  If it’s been good to you, you need to give back!!