Cicero Group celebrates Cicero associate Blake Moore’s win

Cicero Group, a data-driven management consulting firm is pleased to celebrate Congressman-Elect Blake Moore’s successful campaign for Utah’s First Congressional District seat.

“Blake’s decisive victory is a win for Utah and we’re beyond ecstatic for him and his family,” said Dr. Trent Kaufman, CEO of Cicero Group. “He is joining a tough political environment, but his fortitude, work ethic and genuine nature will serve as a shining example of Utah values. I’m proud of his achievement and wish him well in Washington D.C.”

“Blake has been a leader at Cicero Group for over seven years, and I’m thrilled to see him accomplish this feat,” said Randy Shumway, chairman and co-founder of Cicero Group. “Blake is smart, experienced, and energetic. He is also incredibly bright, yet humble – and constantly seeks input from others. I’m particularly grateful for the tone he and his opponent set for the rest of the country in their campaign – it was civil, uplifting, and focused on the core issues facing our country. Blake is a true leader. Congratulations to him and his family!”