Remembering the service of our veterans

Veterans Day is when we try to express–using words–a sense of gratitude that is actually impossible to describe. For those, like me, who have not served in our armed forces, it is impossible to fully appreciate their sacrifice.

There are so many different types of people who have served, and we honor all of them.

One type of service is that given by our active duty and reserve members like former North Ogden Mayor, Major Brent Taylor, who served in Afghanistan, and paid the ultimate price exactly two years ago.

Another type of service is that rendered by Brent’s incredible wife and children, left without a father or husband. Their service and sacrifice is just as tangible as Brent’s, and today we honor them as well.

One of my close family members, who I love dearly, was wounded in battle, and returned home with physical scars. More impactful long-term, however, are the emotional and mental scars he now carries. These are the scars received by experiencing what no human should have to, and then spending years attempting to process those experiences. Those of you who have family members that have seen battle know exactly what I’m talking about.

These “silent scars”–scars invisible to the human eye–are just as real as physical scars. And the weight and impact of those very real scars are borne daily by those who love our veterans, support them, and are an active part of their lives and their healing process. I marvel when I think that our veterans willingly accept the risks and the reality of these scars so that you and I can live as free men and women.

It is an honor to be associated with so many Americans who have sacrificed, and continue to do so. As your chairman, I am committed to supporting policies that honor and protect those who serve, as well as those who sacrifice because of their selfless service.

Please take a moment to stop and think about those things you enjoy because of those who have served. And as you do so, also remember the many who bear the silent scars of selfless service to our country.