National Headlines 5-18-14

Patrick worries about ‘inevitability’ of Clinton (Politico)

Priebus: Hillary may rethink run (Politico)

As Hillary White House run looms, questions linger about Bill (The Hill)

GOP targets consumer bureau (The Hill)

Bloomberg defends Hillary from Karl Rove’s attacks (New York Post)

Kerry Tells Yale Grads to Keep Faith in Government (Associated Press)

Veterans advocate says it’s time for ‘swift accountability’ in VA scandal (FOX News)

Obama reshuffling cabinet with Shaun Donovan to OMB, Julian Castro to HUD (Washington Times)

Piketty: The Market and Private Property Should Be The Slaves of Democracy (Real News Network)

Are feds trying to run down clock on Ky. hemp seeds? (USA Today)

Schumer proposing plan to deal with student loan debt (NY1)