Diverse leaders join to address skyrocketing COVID-19 cases

Top community leaders Gail Miller from the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, Ryan Smith from Qualtrics, Dr. Marc Harrison from Intermountain Healthcare, and Keith McMullin from Deseret Management Corporation — along with their respective organizations — are joining together to address the skyrocketing cases of COVID-19 in Utah and subsequent hospitalizations that are overwhelming hospitals and health systems.

The leaders and their organizations are calling on all Utahns to unite to stop the spread of the virus within the state, which has broken records in recent days for the number of new cases diagnosed and volume of people hospitalized for the virus.

“The volume of COVID patients coming into Utah’s hospitals simply isn’t sustainable. Our caregivers have gone all in to care for our community, but they’re feeling frustrated and exhausted,” said Marc Harrison, MD, president and CEO of Intermountain Healthcare. “We’re imploring our Utah community to go all in with us by masking, social distancing, and limiting social gatherings. We’re confident that we can pull together to prevent these hospitalizations and deaths.”