Here’s what some great Utah political leaders are thankful for

(Note: We invited Utah policymakers and other leaders to tell us what they’re thankful for. If you’d like to share your feelings of gratitude, please send a quick note to [email protected] by end of day Tuesday for Wednesday’s newsletter.)

Senator Jerry Stevenson, Layton: First and foremost, I’m grateful for my family. I’m incredibly fortunate to have had my loving, supportive wife by my side throughout the years. We’ve built a full life together complete with our wonderful children and grandchildren. I feel so fortunate to have my family.

Secondly, I am grateful for the constituency I have the privilege to represent and work with on a daily basis. I’ve spent many years in service of the people of Davis County. We have such a wonderful community, and you won’t find better people anywhere.

Finally, I am grateful for the topnotch staff in the Legislature and in our various state agencies. These dedicated, hardworking individuals are what make this all work. In Utah, we are in such great shape right now in comparison to other states, and certainly a good part of the credit for this is owed to our staff. It takes a lot of hard workers to help make the Legislature and the state successful. I appreciate my association with these good people.

Ricky Hatch, Weber County Clerk/Auditor: I’m thankful that when it came down to actually voting, voters in Utah did business as usual, quietly and respectfully casting their ballots, in record numbers, without fanfare or drama.

Andrew Gruber, Executive Director, Wasatch Front Regional Council:  I’m thankful for our government and community leaders and partners who are working so hard to help Utah navigate the twin challenges of COVID19 recovery and the nation’s leading growth. Their dedication, sacrifice, and love is inspiring!

Val Hale, Governor’s Office of Economic Development Executive Director: I am thankful that I have been able to oversee economic development in a business-friendly state like Utah rather than in some of the not-so-business-friendly states where businesses and workers can’t escape fast enough.  I am also grateful to have had a boss in Governor Herbert who understands how a healthy economy positively impacts all aspects of state government and our lives.

Dave Gessel, Executive Vice President, Utah Hospital Association:  I am grateful for the amazing hospital leaders, providers and staff at every level that 24/7 are giving great and lifesaving care to all those in need.  We are truly blessed to have such kind, compassionate, trained and quality people working on our behalf.

Senator Wayne Harper, Taylorsville: I am grateful for all the neighbors and families who look after and help their neighbors.  Truly people in this state care for each other.  I find it refreshing that even during the just concluded election, with times of discord and acrimony therein, we have remained friends, continued to assist those in need and exercised compassion and service.