Situational Analysis – Nov. 24, 2020

Welcome to Tuesday. Here’s something to be really grateful for: You don’t live in Georgia, where several hundred million dollars are being spent on nasty attack ads.


21 days until the Electoral College meets (12/14/2020)

42 days to Utah inauguration day (1/4/2021).

57 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/19/2021)

58 days to presidential Inauguration Day (01/20/2021)

102 days to the end of the 2021 Utah Legislature (3/5/21)

Trivia quiz.

No one has yet answered this question correctly: When the late Dan Jones (gone two years but not forgotten) first started polling, who were his two original partners? Hint: One of his original partner’s son currently serves in the Utah Legislature. Send answers to [email protected] by end of day Tuesday.