More expressions of gratitude by Utah leaders

(Note: We invited Utah policymakers and other leaders to tell us what they’re thankful for.)

Senator Ron Winterton, District 26, Roosevelt: I am very thankful for my family. Their love and support brings me joy and motivation in the work that I do in the Capitol. Most importantly, I give thanks to my constituents for their constant support and their ability to provide input for the Legislative process.

Representative Mike Winder, District 30, West Valley City: Among the things I am thankful for are the numerous Utah leaders striving for a commonsense balance in governing. They often harrow up the ire of both the far right AND the far left ideologues, which tells me they are on target. Thanks, political pragmatists for showing how Utah can lead the way!

Senator David Gregg Buxton, District 20, Roy:  I am thankful to live in a free country, where we have the freedom to live as we want and the right to worship. I am grateful to serve in the Legislature and represents my constituents in the State of Utah. Lastly, I am truly blessed with the many things in life like my family and a beautiful wife, who has put up with me for 20 years.

Crystal Young-Otterson, executive director, Utah Cultural Alliance Foundation: I’m grateful to live in a state that values arts and humanities, that recognizes the healing power of art. Love for arts and culture is part of Utah’s DNA. This industry is alive today because our state Legislature gave us a vital shot in the arm, the third largest state-level investment into the industry with CARES dollars. I’m grateful that the Legislature values culture and its impact on their constituencies. I’m grateful that the state Health Department has helped us figure out how to safely open and allows us to remain open. You can’t experience live art in most states right now, but you can here. Utah is the best state filled with the best people, and I’m grateful to live here.

Senator Ann Millner, District 18, Ogden: During this season of thanksgiving, I am grateful first and foremost for my faith and family. I am also grateful for this great country in which we live, and the many liberties and freedoms afforded here. Finally, I am grateful and honored to serve the people of Utah!

Sen. Evan Vickers, District 28, Cedar City: I am grateful for many things this year but especially for my family, they mean everything to me.  They have kept going through all the turmoil and they are not only surviving but thriving.  The Lord has truly blessed us.  I am thankful for the great state of Utah and especially the beautiful part of the state that I live in.  I am also so grateful that the golf courses have stayed open and I have been able to enjoy playing a LOT of golf.  For me it would have certainly been like sending me to hell if Covid shut down the golf courses.