Utah voters say elected officials don’t listen very well

Utah Foundation has released the sixth in a series of Utah Priorities Project briefs looking at Utah voters’ top concerns. The 2020 Priorities survey revealed a new voter priority for 2020: Politicians listening to voters.

The survey showed that Utah voters believe that elected officials are paying too little attention to voters in favor of corporations, religious organizations, the well-connected or special interest groups. When prioritized among other issues in early March 2020, politicians listening to voters ranked as the top choice by a substantial margin. However, in the summer Utah Priorities Project survey after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, politicians listening to voters dropped to 6th.

Utah Foundation categorized this issue as “high importance” because, while distinct from the top five issues, it stood substantially above the remaining 12 issues presented to voters in the summer survey. Interestingly, independent voters were more likely to rate the issue as a top priority than were Democrats or Republicans.

“Voters are expressing a clear message for their elected officials: Listen to us,” Utah Foundation President Peter Reichard said.

Read the full report on Utah Foundation’s website.