Commissioner Lee: Protect Bridal Veil Falls for enjoyment of all

(PROVO) Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee has released the following statement regarding his position on protecting Bridal Veil Falls:

My guiding principle has always been to protect Bridal Veil Falls for public use, and my record proves that. That’s why two years ago I rejected a proposal that would have privatized partial use of the property surrounding the Falls.

Last year, I voted in favor of $900,000 worth of improvements to the Bridal Veil Falls property. These improvements help ensure the safety of visitors to the Falls while providing important amenities, such as bathrooms and adequate parking. I reject any plans to sell some or all of the Bridal Veil Falls property.

For me, the preservation of the Falls for safe public use will always be a top priority. I view Bridal Veil Falls as one of the crown jewels of Utah County, and I will continue to do what I can to protect it for the enjoyment of all.