McAdams, Love Named to Washington Post’s ‘Rising Stars’ List

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and 4th Congressional District candidate Mia Love have been named as “rising stars” in the political world under the age of 40.

The list focuses on politicians who are making waves outside of Washington, D.C. right now, but could be making national news soon.

Why did McAdams make the list?

Elected mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah, in 2012, McAdams is a Democrat worth watching in this heavily Republican state. A former state senator, he formerly worked as a securities lawyer on Wall Street and also on the advance team when Bill and Hillary Clinton traveled abroad in the late 1990s. He may be too liberal to be elected to statewide office in Utah, but Utah Republicans still worry about him potentially running for Congress or another high office.

Here’s what they had to say about Love:

Political watchers will remember this name. The former Saratoga Springs, Utah, mayor was supposed to be the big GOP star of the 2012 election and potentially the first black Republican woman in Congress. She wound up losing – to the surprise of many — but now that Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) is retiring, Love is favored to win the seat she came up short for last time. She recently won the GOP nomination and, once in Congress, Republicans have high hopes for Love to carry their message to groups the party struggles with.