National Headlines 5-20-14

Harry Reid defends screening of Koch film (Politico)

Vet scandal: Obama is ‘on this’ (The Hill)

G.O.P. Finds Old Toolbox Is Useful Against Hard-Liners (New York Times)

Chris Christie to cut pension payments to balance budget (CBS News)

Dick Durbin to Ready for Hillary event (Politico)

Case Against Former Va. Gov. McDonnell to Proceed (Associated Press)

Empty Anger: Why VA hospital scandal is hurting the administration’s credibility (FOX News)

Chipotle: Guns not welcome here (CNN)

Political pundit Dinesh D’Souza cops plea to making illegal campaign donations (New York Daily News)

CIA Won’t Use Vaccination Programs For Spying Anymore (TIME)

Nevada latest state to scrap its Obamacare exchange (Politico)