The County Seat looks at rural EMS


Last year there was a big push by EMS directors to bring the issue of losing volunteers and needing funding for EMS to the legislature. There was a lot of work done and several bills that came out of this effort. Then COVID-19 hit and the state had to go back and make cuts to the budget. This cut funding for HB389 in half (about $1.5 Million for EMS funding).

This week on the County Seat they looked at Representative Dan Johnson’s effort to codify EMS as an essential service and what legislators are considering for 2021 to solve the rural EMS problem.

Derrin Owens Senator Elect District 24
Mike Willits, Sevier County EMS Director
Darin Bushman, Piute County Commissioner

• Codifying EMS as an essential service
• COVID19 cut additional funding in half for 2020
• Incentives for volunteers