Who are Utah’s electors?

We’ve heard a lot about the electoral college in the six weeks since the election. KSL had a series of articles about why we have the electoral college and how it works

Basically, there’s an elector for each member of the federal delegation, so Utah has a total of 6, since we have 4 members of the House and 2 members of the Senate. Each political party votes for those electors and then, the electors for the party nominee that wins in Utah will meet and officially cast their ballot for president. In Utah, those are Republican electors and like all but two states, it’s winner-take-all. (Maine and Nebraska split their electoral votes by Congressional district.)

The six Utah electors meeting today to cast their votes for Donald Trump are:

  • Sean Reyes, Utah’s Attorney General
  • Greg Hughes, former Speaker of the Utah House and former gubernatorial candidate
  • Kris Udy, former county commission candidate
  • Jimi Kestin, Washington County GOP chair
  • Chris Herrod, former member of the Utah House and former congressional candidate
  • Trent Christensen, former Congressional candidate 

After today, we will likely not hear about the electoral college for some 3 years and 9 months – shortly before the next presidential election.