Welcoming Utah Policy’s new editor: Holly Richardson


The Deseret News announced today that Holly Richardson has joined the organization and has been named editor of Utah Policy Daily. LaVarr Webb will continue to be part of the team and a critical contributor. 

“I am delighted,” said Richardson. “This is an exciting way to blend three of my passions: politics, people and storytelling. LaVarr Webb started Utah Policy in 2004 and it has become a staple for many who want to know and understand what is happening behind the scenes with Utah politics, policies and politicos. I look forward to building on his great work, expanding our presence, our reach and our range of topics.” 

“I am pleased and excited to have Holly take the reins of Utah Policy Daily,” said LaVarr Webb, the founder and former publisher. “After 16 years of publishing the newsletter, I’m ready to slow down a bit, although I will continue to write on a regular basis. I am happy that the Deseret News has shown such a commitment to invest and move forward.”

Webb added, “I’ve never had an interest in mastering the new tools of communications, like social media, podcasting, and so forth. Holly is terrific with those things, so I’m looking forward to her taking the newsletter to the next level. Holly has the experience, skills and relationships necessary to do a great job. I’m confident Utah Policy will continue to be Utah’s premier one-stop source for all political and public policy news and information. It will continue to be a great service and resource to Utah’s public policy community.”  

Deseret News Opinion editor, Boyd Matheson said “This is another great addition to our team. Holly understands our vision of the critical intersection of principles, policy and politics. We are excited about the unique perspective, powerful writing and strategic thinking Holly brings to our expanded view of what Utah Policy Daily can become.” 

Speaking of Webb’s ongoing roll Matheson continued, “LaVarr will continue to write, both for Utah Policy and Deseret News, as well as take on strategic projects and writing around topics including federalism, the proper role of government and Utah’s position as a model of what a laboratory of democracy can become.”

Deseret News acquired Utah Policy as part of its local and national digital strategy. Utah Policy will continue to be the go-to resource for business executives, policy makers and thought leaders. “Our mandate is to take what LaVarr and his team created and build bigger, broader and better under Holly’s leadership,” Matheson concluded.

Richardson is a long-time activist in Utah politics, with experience as a Representative in the Utah House, political communication, consulting and advocacy work. She was a weekly columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune for four years. She served on the State Records Committee for eight years, and serves on multiple boards, including Hope Humanitarian, a nonprofit focused on international refugee work and Real Women Run, where she is the immediate past chair.

She has a Master’s degree in Professional Communication and is a 3rd-year PhD student in Political Science. She lives with her family in Pleasant Grove.