LULAC leader and Utah’s youngest elected official invite Sen. Lee to reconsider

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the nation’s leading Latino civil rights organization, along with Joel-Lehi Organista issued this statement following Senator Lee’s opposition to creating a museum of Latino Heritage in America

“Querido Senator Lee, I wanted to give you a few days to reflect and do some introspection. In your heart, what compelled you to oppose fellow Americans from celebrating their heritage, as much as I am certain you treasure your own? I was raised by a family that believed, at our table there was always a place for one more visitor, no matter who came to our door as we enjoyed our meal together. So, what would cause you to feel crowded out in your heart that there is no place for others who merely wish to share this land we call America?

You wear a name. I wear a name. We each root for a team and cheer for our favorites. We may attend one church even as others attend theirs. Yet, my estimado Senador, we are all Americans, united because we embrace our diversity, not fear it. We exalt our strength as a nation founded upon freedom, not weakened by exclusion of those who differ with us. This is the land that has given me, an immigrant child, the opportunity to grow up to become the youngest elected official in Utah as a member of the Salt Lake City School District. In my heart, this is my home now, my America too, with all my history and ancestry that makes me who I am.

Senator, I too know the duty and weight of leadership. As the National Vice-President of Youth for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), it is my responsibility to uphold the constitutional principles of our organization, now more than 91-years strong. One of the cornerstones is our civic duty to this nation. The American Latino Museum will forever share the story of LULAC and its values which celebrate the United States, not divide it. It will be a place to uplift our histories together, as the fibers that are intertwined to create the strongest of ropes or the most beautiful heirloom tapestries.

Join me Senator and let us walk in unity. It is time our country comes together to celebrate our diversity that makes our nation a beacon of hope to the world. For what binds us is our common faith in an ideal that we are stronger as one when people are allowed the freedom to thrive for who and what they are as individuals. I implore you to reconsider your vote and embrace the higher calling I know still dwells within you.”