PODCAST: Coming together to create solutions with Stan Lockhart and Curt Bramble

On this edition of the “Sideline View” podcast, host Stan Lockhart sits down with Senator Curt Bramble to talk about a citizen legislature and the importance of being able to work together.

Senator Bramble describes what a citizen legislature means: “If you look at the makeup of both the bodies, we are just average citizens coming from across a spectrum of livelihoods and life experiences. From doctors to lawyers to accountants to farmers and teachers to truck drivers, it is a broad spectrum of average citizens who take some time out of their family life, out their business life, and out of their recreational opportunities to serve the people.”

He concluded his interview with this: “We better as a nation figure out how to come together as Americans first and foremost. We better figure out whether you come from the left, the right, the middle, libertarian it doesn’t matter. We all have a common interest in preserving the blessings of liberty that our founding fathers established for us. And coming together as Americans we can solve any problem that we are faced with if we remember that if you have a different point of view…we better figure out how to be Americans first.”