Aviation workers ask to be prioritized for receiving vaccine

The aviation industry, including the Regional Airlines Association, Airlines for America and SkyWest Airlines sent a letter to Governor Gary Herbert and other state and national leaders asking for airline workers to be prioritized as frontline workers. 

“Aviation workers are also frontline workers who either encounter the traveling public frequently or are required to perform our work in close proximity to our colleagues and require us to be onsite,” the letter said. “While our employers have implemented multiple layers of protection for the well-being of the traveling public and employees, the very nature of these jobs exposes the aviation workforce to risk similar to other frontline workers.”

The letter noted that “air transportation will be essential to fight back against the virus.” ABC News reports it will take up to 8,000 Boeing 747’s to distribute vaccines around the world. The letter emphasized that healthcare workers and vulnerable populations should be at the top of the list to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but want aviation workers be considered essential as roll-out plans are being drafted. “As this crucial group (of healthcare workers and vulnerable populatios) is vaccinated, it is then important for other key groups are prioritized to receive the vaccines so they can support a global recovery from the pandemic.”