National Headlines 5-22-14

GOP measure could delay O-Care mandate (The Hill)

VA’s Shinseki says he’s not quitting: ‘There’s more to be done’ (The Hill)

House of Representatives Votes to End Bulk Collection of Phone Records (

FBI, in historic policy change, to record interrogations (Reuters)

Las Vegas, Cincinnati Drop out for GOP Convention (Associated Press)

Bombs, Bulleyes and a New National Monument (National Geographic)

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ book tour comes together (MSNBC)

John Boehner: ‘Closer’ to calling for Eric Shinseki’s ouster (Politico)

Putin Pulls Another Ace From His Sleeve In Big Gas Deal With China (Forbes)

How states fared on unemployment benefit claims (Associated Press)

Michigan House overwhelmingly approves $195 million in state aid for Detroit (Detroit Free Press)