Governor Herbert bids farewell

Governor Gary Herbert bids farewell in his last speech as Governor. After 11 ½ years in the Governor’s Mansion, he is moving his family out and Governor-elect Spencer Cox will be moving in next week. 

He paid tribute to his predecessor, Jon Huntsman, and to his own Lt. Governors, Greg Bell and Spencer Cox, members of his Cabinet, legislators and the 24,000 state employees. “But,” he said, “it is the everyday ordinary people of Utah that have inspired me the most. I am proud not to be just a voice of the people but of all the people — people who toil in sacrifice and do their best, and do so without a lot of recognition but add so much to the fabric and success of our great state.”

He shared how much he enjoyed meeting school children around the state and receiving their letters that had “some very sound, sage advice” on how he should state. One young third grader told him “I love animals. Do you like animals? Do you have a pet? You should get a pet. It will help with your self esteem.” 

He shared an adage that his father taught him: “Work Will Win When Wishy-Washy Wishing Won’t.” 

The state of Utah “is and can continue to be that beacon of light and hope for others to look up to and to learn from,” said Governor Herbert.

Thank you for your service, Governor Herbert. Enjoy your sudden drop in hate mail!