Romney calls out Trump’s ‘election fraud’ narrative as dangerous

In an interview with KCPW, Senator Mitt Romney said that Trump’s position is damaging at home and abroad.

“It’s clear that the President’s efforts to diminish the validity of the election has a byproduct; a reduction that people have in confidence in democracy. And that has a high cost for our country, and for people around the world. After all, people look to the United States to be the leader of the free world. And if they think we can’t hold an election, how are they gonna hold it in a Third World country. The President’s claims I find to be very unfortunate, and, frankly, dangerous.”

He talked about the damage done the ability to trust sources of information: “I think we live in a challenging time, in part because our sources of information are so disparate. And people are inclined to accept as truth, things which oftentimes are untrue. And I would note that foreign entities and malevolent players within our own country are intent on misleading the American people and sowing discord—sometimes for financial gain, sometimes for national-security gains.”