John Curtis: Domestic terrorism encouraged by President

Congressman John Curtis tweeted his anger at Wednesday’s events. 

“The United States Capitol is the Temple of Liberty and should be treated with respect & honor. The riots both in and outside the building are unacceptable and un-American. The President owes it to the American people to publicly call for an end to these riots. If this were in any other country, we would be condemning these actions and calling for their leaders to stop the violence. Those protesting say they are doing so in the best interest of America—but if that were true, they would end their assault on this sacred institution.”

My anger continues to grow over today’s desecration of the United States Capitol, our nation’s home. What happened was an act of domestic terrorism inspired and encouraged by our President. Frustrations with elections I can understand but the justification for the actions of the President and the mob I cannot. No American, no elected leader, and certainly no president who participates, inspires, or condones actions such as these has my sympathy or support.”