Chris Stewart, Burgess Owens condemn violence

Both Chris Stewart and Burgess Owens condemned Wednesday’s violence. Both had supported objecting to certified electoral votes.

Rep. Stewart said:

Today should have been the time for thoughtful & respectful debate, instead, it was overcome by a disgusting demonstration of lawlessness. As a result, effective debate has been eclipsed by fear for the future of our country. We must take a moment to reflect & unite as a nation.

I have continued concerns over the security and integrity of our elections. I am committed to restoring Americans’ faith in our election process & democracy and I support the efforts of Sen. Tim Scott’s 2020 Bipartisan Advisory Committee.

I have dedicated much of my life to serving my country in the Air Force & now as a Member of Congress. I have known brave patriots & know what true patriotism is. The behavior we saw today is not patriotism & I condemn the violent behavior exhibited by the mob at the Capitol.

Any encouragement of violent and illegal behavior is inappropriate, especially from our Commander in Chief.

America can do better than today. America must do better than today. We are a resilient nation who, time and time again, comes together after opposition to uphold the pillars of our republic. I have faith in our nation and I have faith in our democracy.

Rep. Burgess Owens said: 

I am heartsick over what happened at the Capitol today. This is a sad day for our nation.

I was looking forward to giving my first floor speech. Telling the story of my great-great grandfather, my grandfather, and my father – who, regardless of their incredible success, were denied the right to vote. I hoped – on behalf of those who felt or who were disenfranchised – to ask that we take a serious look at the transparency of our electoral process. Because of the unacceptable mob violence demonstrated today, I did not get that chance. 

It is time for us to unite and focus on healing our country. I look forward to working with my colleagues to identify solutions that will restore faith in our democracy, and to getting back to the people’s work.