List of Possible 2016 GOP Convention Sites Down to Four

Cleveland, Dallas, Denver and Kansas City are the final four possible host sites for the 2016 GOP National Convention.

The list of four comes after Cincinnati and Las Vegas withdrew their bids as host cities. Las Vegas pulled out of the running after conservative activists objected, calling the city “a metaphor for all things decadent.”

The host committee will visit the four finalists and make a final decision later this year.

From the Los Angeles Times:

“All cities excelled in nearly every aspect of the bids,” the head of the selection committee, Enid Mickelsen, said in a written statement, suggesting Las Vegas and Cincinnati both “would make excellent hosts should they pursue efforts to host a future RNC convention.”

Cincinnati also cited problems with its convention facility in withdrawing its bid.

Separately, Las Vegas is among the 15 cities that Democrats have approached about possibly hosting their 2016 national gathering. Responses are due back early next month and if Las Vegas is interested, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said, he would be involved “big-time” in promoting the effort.