Utah Praised for Its Generosity

The Washington Post’s Reid Wilson spotlights two recent studies showing that more Utahns give time and money to charity than residents of any other state. 

Reports Wilson:

Trevor Neilson, president of the Global Philanthropy Group, pointed to the history of Utah’s founding: A community of Mormons came to settle near the Great Salt Lake, without a government to take care of them. Contributions from individuals, as they could, became essential to the well-being of the group.

“The history of Utah is one of pioneers who came west to try to find a better life, and they had to do it on their own,” Neilson said. “People from Utah don’t rely upon the state to address the problems they see in their community. They have a deeply held belief, that often ties to their faith, that if they have the means to help, they need to help.”