State Auditor John Dougall releases updated “Transparent Utah” website

The Office of the State Auditor (Office) today announces the upgrade of the new Transparent Utah website.  This new financial transparency site makes state and local governemnt financial data readily available and is extremely responsive with easy access to powerful searches, charts, graphs, and detailed transaction browsing. provides up front access to both employee compensation and vendor pay information as well as one-click access to the lists of top-paid employees and highest-paid vendors – easily customizable for both state and local government entities.  Data is provided in easy to digest graphs and charts, and selected data can also be downloaded for local use and analysis.

Transparent Utah is one of the few transparency websites that provides a one-stop-shop for both state and local government financial information. 

State Auditor John Dougall has envisioned this version of Transparent Utah for several years and said, “This new Transparent Utah website delivers powerful insights about both state and local government financial data in a single, integrated interface.   Popular searches are convenient and easier than ever.” The Office of the State Auditor provides Utah taxpayers and government officials with an independent assessment of financial operation, statutory compliance, and performance management for state and local government. The Office also provides interactive graphical tools to help taxpayers and policymakers gain greater insight into governmental financial activities.

The Office assumed responsibility for Transparent Utah in April 2019.

The updates and interactive features are found at