Us v Them, working together and a new license plate!

Us vs. Them – Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright wrote last week that the “two most dangerous words in the human vocabulary are: ‘us’ and ‘them.’” Choosing sides is a common impulse, a way to stay safe by fitting in.  But now, we are far from tapping into our better angels. Political rallies have devolved into exhibitions of hate. Public figures are threatened and harassed, their homes vandalized. Debates have been supplanted by shouting matches… Surveys indicate that a growing number of Americans view partisan opponents not only as misguided but also as agents of evil.”  No group, she reminds us, has the monopoly on truth or virtue and no matter how we define “us,” there is always plenty of room for humility and personal reflection. “There is no question that we all have a right to quarrel with one another; that’s the democratic way. But we also have a responsibility to talk frankly and to listen carefully, to recognize our own faults, and to refrain from pinning dehumanizing labels on those with whom we disagree.” We have many things in common, even while we also have many differences. After all, “We the People” is inclusive. (Time)

Speaking of working together: Utah Democratic Representative, Joel Briscoe shares a first: The Republican Governor and Lt. Governor joined the Democratic caucus lunch. May it not be the last.


Good News: Many Voices, One Utah – Eleanor Smith, a senior at Timpview High School, had the winning design for a new license plate that honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nubia Peña, director of the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs, oversaw the project and worked with Utah’s Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission to gather submissions and make a final decision. The MLK Commission raised the money to fund the start-up costs of the plate, which will be available starting this summer for $21, or just $5 more than the default license plate. (ABC4, SLTrib, Standard-Examiner)

Many Voices One Utah